About us


As we are all fans of rock music, actually for every sub-genre of rock there is you can find at least 1 person liking it in our team, and all of us are involved in doing/running a business of some sort we decided to combine these two thing here on rockmagazyn.com and create a website where we can put out things related to our two biggest and most important things in life – business and ROCK!

As for the business part, we want to show you how other business people are doing and show you new companies and things that might inspire you to grow your business even more. There will be reviews, short articles and all other type of stuff published here on our Blog – plus more in future as we develop this right now little site into something more significant. If you feel like your company or you as a person is a rockstar in business (or aspiring one 🙂 ) than write to us and let us write about you or your business so other peoples visiting our website can get to know you. To do that just go to our Contact page and send us an email through the form.

From time to time we will put something related to rock music so you can just chill out and listen to a great song or read something rock related. If you have a rock song that you would like to share with us than we will be more than happy to listen to it and maybe put it here on the site too! Just message us through our contact page.